Top 10 things to do in Monaco

          Visit the Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace is an architectural gem of the 13th century. Blending of architectural styles, visiting the Palace includes iconic rooms such as the Mirror Gallery, Blue Room, and the Throne room and many others history treasures …

Located on the heights of Monaco, the Palace is opened to the public when the Prince is not home. You can easily notice when the Prince is home by looking at the main tower, if you see a raised flag it means that the Prince resides in the Palace.

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          Gamble in the most famous Casino in the world : Monte Carlo Casino 

Iconic and glamorous, the Casino of Monte Carlo is an international reference for gaming and entertainment.  The Casino was served many times as a filming location for some of the James Bond movies. The British fictional star is one of the reason for the world-renowned reputation of the Casino. However if you’re not willing to gamble inside the Casino, you can still admire its marble and bronze architecture and wander around the gardens surrounding it.

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          Explore the many Gardens :

There are plenty of park areas in Monaco where you can take time for relaxing. Just grab a book, take a picnic with you and lay down on the green grass. 

We count five green spaces in Monaco and its suburbs : 

  • The Casino gardens : Located right in the middle of the enlivened city center of Monaco, these green areas create a nice contrast with the urban landscape of Monaco. The designer, renowned landscape gardener Edouard André, achieved a difficult challenge making this space a tranquillity cocoon amongst a city full of life.
  • The exotic garden : In Fontvieille, at about 20 minutes walk from the Hercule Port, you will certainly be surprised by the numbers of varieties that can be found in this area. It gathers exotic plants come from various far and dry locations including African and Latin American species.
  • Princess Grace Rose garden : Laid out according to the principles of an English garden, this 5000m2 place preserves more than 315 varieties of rosebush. Certainly the most well maintained garden you can find.
  • Japanese garden : Rewarded with a Grand Prix at the Osaka Flower Exhibition in 1990, this garden is one of the quieter place you can find within all the city. Wander around and discover all the essential components of a Japanese garden: a pond, islands, a waterfall, lanterns, bridges, a tea house and a Zen garden, everything to feel at peace in such a modern city.
  • Saint-Martin gardens :  Right in front of the Oceanographic Museum esplanade, this park offers a splendid sea view over the Fontvieille Harbour. Originally made of Mediterranean species : pine trees, holm oaks, myrtle, pistachio trees, … some more exotic plants were added over the years and got acclimatised to the hot weather of the French Riviera. 

          Visit the Oceanographic Museum

Built on the edge of the Monaco ‘Rocher’, the Museum is renowned throughout the world for its 6500 square meters of aquatic diversity with more than 6500 specimens counted.

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          Take your ticket to the zoological gardens

The zoological gardens of Monaco is nothing quite like a traditional zoo. No animal you can encounter has been purchased. The 250 animals in the gardens were all donated, rescued from abandon, or taken from those seized by circuses. The staff members of the zoo take a special care of the species threatened by poaching and deforestation. Therefore, some of the most endangered species are placed in a captivity program to be protected and reintroduced in their wild habitat afterwards. The zoological gardens shelters to this day nearly 250 animals which represents about 50 species.

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          Admire the Prince Rainier’s old car collection exhibit

The Prince Rainier’s exhibit features exceptional and unique cars of all periods of history.

Prince Rainier III’s taste for vintage cars made him start a collection in the late 1950s. Over the years, as his collection grew, his personal garage would become too small for the hundreds of cars he owned. Thus he decided to unveil his collection to the public. He finally found the ideal ground for an exhibition, covering an area of 5,000 m2.

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          Visit the contemporary art of the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco

The New National Museum of Monaco is a museum of contemporary visual art in Monaco. The Museum hosts two annual contemporary exhibitions. The exhibitions take place in two different villas Villa Paloma et la Villa Sauber.

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          Don’t miss the annual Formula Race in Monte-Carlo


          Watch a show at the iconic Opera of Monte-Carlo