Cultural tour in Nice France

Officially designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in July 2021, Nice joins France’s more than 40 world heritage sites which include the banks of the river Seine in Paris, the Amiens cathedral, the Mont Saint Michel, the stretches of the Loire valley … The cultural heritage of Nice plays a big part in its entry to the world heritage of UNESCO. If you want to visit Nice’s best cultural landmarks, we made a list of the must-see places for you :

The cultural landmarks :

  • Le Régina :

Built in 1897 by architect Sebastian-Marcel Biasini, this luxury hotel overlooks the hill of Cimiez. Jewel of the Belle Époque, the Régina Palace, was originally created in order to welcome the Queen Victoria. This British monarch stayed in the Palace for 3 consecutive winters. In the 1930s, the building is transformed in a private residence, to host the French artist Henri Matisse.  Today, the former Excelsior Régina Palace remains a residential place full of history.

  • Le Jardin des Arènes de Cimiez :

Filled with centenary olive trees, this green area has become the “rendez-vous du dimanche” for families and couples seeking for a peaceful time.


. The Monastery

Since the 19th century, the Gothic church Notre-Dame du Monastère is inhabited by French monks. You can visit the dedicated museum and the rose garden and its panoramic view.

The Museums :

. Modern Art Museum :

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice displays permanent and temporary exhibitions on 4000 sqm and on 3 floors. Until the 29th of August, the museum hosts an exclusive exhibition : “She-Bam Pow POP Wizzes !” A tale of the journey of European and American artists who contributed to the invention of international pop.


. Matisse Museum :

The Museums contains personal collections of the famous painter. Until September 30, the Museum presents a previously unseen exhibition called “Pierre Matisse, an Art Dealer in New York”, which redraws the life of Henri Matisse’s younger son, who played an important role to support French and European modern art in the United-States.


. Gallery Lympia

Situated on the port Lympia, the Gallery is an exhibition hall classified historic building conserved in its original state. Until October 31st, an exhibition on tattoos takes place.



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