Michelin Star Restaurants in Saint Tropez

  – The top michelin star restaurants in Saint Tropez –


Guests visiting the French Riviera can enjoy an unforgettable meal in one of The top michelin star restaurants in Saint Tropez or recommended restaurants found throughout the region.

We are fortunate to have some of the best restaurants in France that utilize fresh, seasonal ingredients found in abundance such as wide variety of fish and seafood from the Mediterranean Sea, fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the region and fragrant spices such as rosemary, thyme, and basil.  The traditional cuisine here on the Cote d’Azur is healthy as it is based on a Mediterranean diet that uses olive oil instead of butter for most dishes.

We have provided a brief overview of some of the local restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide which will help you to enhance your vacation with an amazing gastronomic experience:


*** La Vague d’Or –Cheval Blanc St. Tropez

Photo credit : La Terrasse des Roches Rouges

260 – 360 EUR • Creative Cuisine

The extremely talented and passionate chef at La Vague d’Or (Arnaud Donckele) brilliantly combines flavors from his native region of Normandy with those of the local Mediterranean cuisine. The result is an inspiring gastronomic victory, awarding the restaurant the coveted Three-Star Michelin rating.  Located in the gorgeous hotel Cheval Blanc, the restaurant is framed by large, ancient pine trees with lovely vistas of the azure-blue sea.


  • Pâte zitone fourrée de truffe noire et foie gras, artichaut violet en trois textures
  • Langouste du Cap Lardier cuite dans une pâte de sel, algues et feuilles et écorces de citron vert
  • Tarte aux cinq limono medica et eau à la vanille de Tahaa

Plage de la Bouillabaisse, St. Tropez, 83990, France
Phone Number: +33 (0)4 94 55 91 00
Website:  https://www.chevalblanc.com/en/


** La Voile—La Reserve Ramatuelle Hotel

Photo credit : La Terrasse des Roches Rouges

130 – 170 EUR • Modern Cuisine

Located in the iconic waterfront hotel La Reserve Ramatuelle, La Voile’s ambiance is enhanced by its beautiful surroundings which include pine trees, softly blowing winds from the sea and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.  The chef, Eric Canino, incorporates fresh, seasonal locally grown vegetables, olive oil and fresh seafood to create light, delicate and inspiring dishes. Some highlights include fillet of weaver with plankton, sour cucumber and crispy shrimp.


  • Thon rouge frotté aux épices, niçoise acidulée
  • Filet de daurade cuit dans une nage de légumes, ravioles de courgette et truffe noire
  • Soufflé au tokaji

Chemin de la Quessine, Ramatuelle, 83350, France
Phone Number: +33 (0)4 94 44 94 44
Website: https://www.lareserve-ramatuelle.com/en/


* La Terrasse des Roches Rouges

Photo credit : La Terrasse des Roches Rouges

98 – 145 EUR • Provençal Cuisine

La Terrasse des Roches Rouges (located a hotel of the same name) offers its diners a modern take on Provençal cuisine that is well developed, meticulously composed and very inventive. The setting of the restaurant on the beach in St. Raphael add to the ambiance of the overall dining experience.


  • Cuisine du marché

90 Blvd de la 36eme-Division-du-Texas, St. Raphael, 83700, France
Phone Number: +33 (0)4 89 81 40 60
Website: https://www.hotellesrochesrouges.com/en


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