Top 10 things to do in Monaco

Visit the Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Photo Credit : Palais Princier de Monaco

The Prince’s Palace is an architectural gem first built in the 13th century. The visit includes iconic rooms such as the Mirror Gallery, Blue Room, and the Throne room as well as other state rooms in the historic Palace.

Located on the peak of the Rocher in the heart of the historic center of the Principality, the Palace is opened to the public when the Prince is not in residence. You can easily identify when the Prince is in residence by looking at the main tower of the Palace. If you see a raised flag of the Principality, it means that the Prince is in residence.

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Gamble in the most famous Casino in the world : Monte Carlo Casino 

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The glamorous Casino of Monte Carlo is well-known as a historic gaming emporium built in 1863.  The Casino’s fame has been augmented by its role as a backdrop in several James Bond 007 movies as well as other iconic films.  For guests not wanting to place a bet at one of the gaming tables, visitors can also admire its marble and bronze architecture by visiting one of the bars in the Casino or by taking a stroll in its gardens.

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Explore the many Gardens :

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Although Monaco is only 2.1 square kilometres, the Principality has a surprising amount of park areas where guests to visit.  Grab a book, take a picnic with you and lay down on the grass for a bit. 

Here are five popular park/garden areas found in Monaco:

  • The Casino gardens : Located right in the middle Monte Carlo, the Casino Gardens create a nice contrast with the urban landscape of Monaco. The designer, renowned landscape gardener Edouard André, achieved the difficult challenge of making this space a tranquil cocoon within a bustling urban landscape.
  • The exotic garden : In Fontvieille, a 20 minutes walk from the Hercule Port, visitors can enjoy a walk through the Exotic Garden.  This garden features exotic plants from arid regions ranging from Africa, Latin America and parts of Europe.
  • Princess Grace Rose garden : Laid out according to the principles of a traditional English garden, this 5000m2 garden includes more than 315 varieties of roses in a very well maintained space.
  • Japanese garden : Rewarded with a Grand Prix at the Osaka Flower Exhibition in 1990, this garden is one of the quieter place you can find within the dense urban environment of the Principality. Wander around and discover all the essential components of a Japanese garden: a pond, islands, a waterfall, lanterns, bridges, a tea house and a Zen garden, everything to feel at peace.
  • Saint-Martin gardens: In front of the Oceanographic Museum esplanade, this park offers a spectacular sea view over the Fontvieille Harbour. Originally, the garden featured only Mediterranean species such as pine trees, holm oaks, myrtle, and pistachio trees. Over the years, some more exotic plants were added and got acclimatised to Mediterranean climate.

Visit the Oceanographic Museum

Built on the edge of the Monaco ‘Rocher’, the Museum is renowned throughout the world for its 6500 square meters of aquatic diversity with over 6500 species of sea life presented.

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Take your ticket to the zoological gardens

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The zoological gardens of Monaco is nothing like a traditional since none of the animals have been purchased. All 250 animals representing 50 species in the gardens have been donated, rescued, or taken from circuses. 

The zoo’s staff take special care of species threatened by poaching and deforestation. Some of the most endangered species in the zoo are placed in a program to be protected and reintroduced in their wild habitat if possible.

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Admire the Prince Rainier’s automobile collection

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The Prince’s collection of vintage cars began with purchases he made in the late 1950s. Over the years, as his collection grew, his garage became too small for his hundreds of cars. 

Eventually, he established the Monaco Top Cars Collection, a museum for his collection of automobiles, covering an area of 5,000 m2 located in the Fontvieille district.

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Visit the contemporary art of the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco

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The New National Museum of Monaco is a museum of contemporary visual arts. The Museum hosts two contemporary exhibitions each year. The exhibitions take place in two different villas Villa Paloma and la Villa Sauber.

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Don’t miss the annual Formula Race in Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is certainly the most attended event in Monte-Carlo. The many dangerous corners make this race the slowest and the most difficult of all circuits in the Formula 1 championship. The event takes place from May 20 to 23, 2021 in the heart of Monaco.

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Watch a show at the iconic Opera of Monte-Carlo

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The Opéra Garnier welcomes many international stars in its magical setting throughout the year. One of the most popular events set in the Opera is the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival. The Festival attracts famous musicians each year, whose voices are embellished by the excellent acoustic of the room.

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Watch the biggest yachts during the Monaco Yacht Show

Since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has been attracting a wealthy international clientele of yachts owners. The yacht show is not limited to multi billionaires looking for a new toy. Any visitor can purchase a daily pass to the show to get a glimpse of the yachts on display. Unfortunately, tours of the interiors of the yachts are limited to serious buyers.

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